Can You Workout And Do Heavy Lifting With Hemorrhoids? It depends…

When it comes to lifting heavy objects, there is always a risk of injury. It can happen to anyone, no matter if you are experienced bodybuilder or a beginner who just started working out a week ago. It is not uncommon to develop hemorrhoids from lifting heavy objects on regular basis. That is because a lot of people tend to hold their breath while performing an exercise or lifting something heavy, which can cause a sudden increase in blood pressure.

As you might know, hemorrhoids are abnormally enlarged veins around the anus and rectum. Having your blood pressure spike up more than it normally would when you are not exerting yourself, can strongly irritate those veins causing them to swell. If you do that regularly, you are constantly putting more and more pressure on those already irritated veins. That is exactly when hemorrhoids worsen and can start seriously bothering you. That is usually when people start feeling a lot of discomfort and pain throughout the day, even when resting and not doing any physical activities.

Can I lift weights with hemorrhoids?

Weight Lifting Sports Equipment

It depends on how severe your hemorrhoids are. It is always smart to talk to your doctor first and get professional medical advice. But in general, if you are suffering from piles I do not recommend you lift heavy weight, especially while performing squats. It is much more preferable that during the period of time when you are affected by an internal or external hemorrhoid, that you stick to lower weight and focus on doing a higher amount of repetition. Also, always remember to control your breathing DO NOT hold your breath in, especially when you exert during squats, bench press or deadlifts.

Holding your breath and grunting forces the air in your lungs downwards, putting a lot of strain on your internal organs and sensitive veins around your rectal region. This type of pressure is very similar to one when you strain to during the bowel movement, which is one of the leading causes for developing hemorrhoids.

Can squats cause hemorrhoids?

When it comes to squats and hemorrhoids, it can be a bit tricky. It all depends on how severe your case is and how advanced you are at working out. If you understand how to maintain a good posture and keep your form on point, squatting with lighter weight should not be too much of an issue. With that being said, I would not recommend that you go and lift heaviest you possibly can to try and beat your personal best. It is better to take it a bit easier during the time when you are really bothered by hemorrhoids and make sure to stay in touch with a physician to avoid hurting yourself even more.

man performing a squat with pilesIf you are a total beginner and do not understand yet how to keep a good form while squatting, I would recommend that you keep away from weighted squats for now and stick with just your own body weight.  Do a little testing and see how you feel while performing a body-weight squat. If you are feeling completely fine and your hemorrhoids do not alarm you, I should be fine for you to continue with the exercise. But if you feel any type of pain or discomfort at all, it is best to stay away from doing any type of squats for now, at least until your symptoms alleviate a bit.

Remember that working out and bodybuilding should be fun and help you improve your health and physique. You do not want to hurt yourself and risk developing any type of serious and permanent damage to your body.

Exercises that are beneficial for hemorrhoids:

As we covered above, doing any sort of heavy lifting with hemorrhoids can be damaging due to the amount of stress you are putting on your body, especially if you do not understand how to correctly breathe during your workout session. But that does not mean that all exercises are bad. Some can actually be very beneficial and help you get rid of hemorrhoids much quicker.

For example hiking, yoga and calisthenics can be quite helpful when it comes to dealing with the issue. These type of exercises can stimulate your cardiovascular system and your metabolism in a friendly way, without suddenly spiking your blood pressure and putting unnecessary stress on your internal organs and sensitive veins. increased metabolism can help you with digestion, and a stronger cardiovascular system will help spread more oxygen and nutrients through your entire body, which can stimulate the healing process of your hemorrhoids too.

What about running and jogging with hemorrhoids?

When it comes to jogging, it can either help you or damage you. It all depends on how severe your case of hemorrhoids is and how aggressive you are when it comes to running. There are a lot of long distance runners that experience a lot of irritation and even bleeding from their rectal area after a very long run. That means running can be an irritant if you do too much of it or if you are inexperienced and have not developed a good form yet. This is especially the case when it comes to external hemorrhoids, as the movement of your buttocks rubbing against each other while you run can really irritate those.

The only way to find out is to go for a little run yourself and see how you feel. If you experience any type of pain or discomfort, it is preferable that you stay away from running and maybe stick to hiking for now. Also, make sure that you book a consultation with a medical specialist who can give you a practical advice.

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