Hernia vs Hemorrhoids – How To Know The Difference

If you landed on this page, you are most likely suffering from some type of rectal discomfort or pain. In this article we will briefly describe what are hemorrhoids, what is hernia and how to distinguish the difference between them.


What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoid is basically a little pocket of blood under the skin around the rectal area, that was caused by swelling of a vein. It can develop either internally or externally and cause a lot of discomfort or even pain.

Picture showing a hemorrhoid exampleSymptoms:

  • Nagging discomfort or pain
  • Mild to severe itching
  • Swelling around the rectal region
  • In case of external hemorrhoids, it is possible to find a lump around anal region
  • Can cause slight, painless bleeding

With hemorrhoids you will experience discomfort or pain predominantly in the anal region. It can also feel like something is constantly pressing on your prostate if you are a man. Also it can feel like you need to use the bathroom.  That is especially the case with a swollen internal hemorrhoid.


What is hernia?

Hernia is when one of your internal organs gets out of his original place and pushes through where it doesn’t belongs. The most
common place for it to occur is the lower abdominal area.


  • Discomfort or pain in the affected area
  • is it hernia or hemorrhoidsFeeling bloated or heave in the abdominal area
  • Chest pain if we are dealing with hiatal hernia
  • Can appear as a visible lump

When it comes to abdominal hernia, you will most likely experience most of your symptoms while doing any activities that put heavier pressure on your core. Things like lifting heavy objects, over extending your body when you are trying to reach for something or trying to shift a heavy object by pushing it with your leg. Try to especially avoid a lot of household activities like vacuum cleaning, mopping the floor or moving furniture, as these tend to be the most common ways for people to either develop or re-position their hernia.


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