Piles or Hemorrhoids? Let’s Find Out The Difference

Piles are basically hemorrhoids that became particularly inflamed. However you choose to call it, people will commonly associate these terms as a medical condition that affects the rectal region. It often causes a lot of discomfort, itchiness, and pain. Hemorrhoids are a type of cushions and clumps of skin tissue that are full of blood vessels and muscle fibers. We all have them and they are very natural.

Hemorrhoids causesHemorrhoids causesThe problem starts when they become inflamed and start bothering us. Piles are usually associated with a lot of discomfort or pain, with casual bleeding. You can most often feel them when you are sat down on hard surfaces for quite a long amount of time, or when you are doing a lot of physical work on a daily basis.



Main Symptoms Of Piles (More Severe Hemorrhoids)

  • Your rectal region might appear red and swollen
  • You might regularly feel like your bowels are still full, even after you have already used the toilet
  • Bright red blood might appear on a toilet tissue (this can also be caused by cleaning and wiping your anus too harsh)
  • Possible itchiness and rash
  • A lumpy and loose skin might be visible in case of external piles and hemorrhoids

Main Causes

  • Long Term Constipation
  • Chronic Diarrhea
  • Pregnancy
  • Straining while defecating (can be caused by lack or excess of fiber)
  • Dealing with heavy lifting on regular basis

Piles can appear in various forms and shapes, both on the inside and outside of the anus. Internal piles appear often around 1-2 inches deep from the opening of the anus while the external piles can appear anywhere around the outside bit of the rectal region.

A lot of times the main cause of hemorrhoids and piles is the type of lifestyle that we choose to live. Often times we work long hours every single day at a job that is either too sedentary or too physically demanding. Sitting down in one spot for prolonged amount of times, for example, if front of a computer or on a toilet seat can restrain our blood circulation around the rectal region which can lead to swelling of our veins.

On the other side, if we spend too much time on our feet doing a lot fast paced walking, bending over, squatting, lifting heavy objects etc, we can put too much strain on our legs, especially the gluteus muscles. That can cause a similar effect to when we sit down for too long, causing rectal muscles to weaken and loosen up due to the constant micro tearing and pressure.

To conclude this article, piles are simply a bit more severe type hemorrhoids that cause a lot more discomfort and pain. It is always advised to see your doctor if you have any concerns or have been experiencing the symptoms associated with this health condition. The sooner you can get accurate diagnosis, the sooner you can begin the right treatment hence increasing your chances of recovery.

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